⭐️ All 2020 diaries are now 50% off ⭐️
⭐️ All 2020 diaries are now 50% off ⭐️
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About Us

OTi Organiser was created in 2008 by Emily and Sarah, two women who wanted something more from the range of diaries that currently existed for women. As busy mothers, they were tired of regularly feeling overwhelmed and disorganised because of the endless amount of clutter (to-do lists, diaries, sticky notes, phone numbers, shopping lists and school notes) found all over the house.

They wanted a stylish, handbag sized diary that contained everything they needed on a daily basis in order to stay On To it , and so the OTi Organiser was born.

In 2017, Kate took over the OTi Organiser business. Kate is a self confessed stationery addict and loves all things organised, so OTi Organiser is a perfect fit. Kate is used to running a busy household - being a wife and the mother of two boys (and three stepdaughters), so she knows how important it is to keep organised and on top of it all. Kate also believes that a physical diary still plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Apps on phones just don’t cut it. She loves writing on the fresh pages of a new diary and believes that nothing is as satisfying as crossing out tasks as they are completed.

When Kate is not busy working she loves spending time with her children, exploring the great outdoors, drinking a good wine and reading a great book.