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December 12, 2011 by Stay at Home Mum

I am super fussy when it comes to calendars and diaries, and near on every year I am very disappointed with what I end up with.  They never do all the things I’d like them to do, they aren’t practical, they aren’t very pretty and don’t cater to my lifestyle as a busy Mum.  Most seemed aimed at a business man.  Pfft.  I’m not a business man.

I got an email three months ago from OTI wanting to send me a diary – I thought well I don’t have to pay for it – lets see.  It sat on my desk unopened for about a week – until I remembered I got to pick my own colour (purple – I love purple).  First thing I noticed (apart from the colour) is the size – it’s not tiny – but it’s not so big I can’t fit it in my handbag – it is – PRACTICAL.   It comes with it’s own pen (practical), has a  year planner, a ‘contacts and info’ section, post it notes on the back page (I use them for shopping lists) – and the list of great uses goes on and on and on.

But what really impressed me is the day to day calander.  It has a double page opening for a week – but it has a column for exercise (wishful thinking on my behalf but it’s a constant reminder), meal planning column,’ To do’ section and people to contact – all in the one opening.   Plus it has all the school holidays and public holidays you would expect in a a diary.

It is a diary made for Mums.  A real mum must have designed it – there are so many great ideas in this one practical little book.  It has an elastic ribbon on the back to make sure it doesn’t come open in your hand bag or baby bag –  I love that!

Anyway – it’s a HUGE call for me to stock someone else’s product in my store – it’s something I swore I would never do.  But if OTI keep making diaries this darn good – I will stock them every year.  Well done for thinking outside the square!

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